ECR – Last Chance for Pre-Orders

We are down to the last few days now of the pre-order discount period for Extra-Contractual Recoveries, and I am pleased to say that people have been buying the book, notwithstanding that none of the construction law publications have yet reviewed it, and we are still waiting for completion of the printing process.

I am grateful for the suggestion of Julian Bailey of White & Case for his suggestion of London Publishing Partnership as the publishers for my book. He switched to them for his third edition of his 3 volume work Construction Law, in part because it enabled a massive reduction in the price of the book (which I thoroughly recommend, by the way; it really is the lawyers’ law book on construction law: whilst it does not have the history of Keating or Hudson, it is considerably more detailed at some 2,300 pages.  And so while construction lawyers might sensibly start with Keating or Hudson for a summary of the law on any particular construction law topic, it is then wise to look to Bailey for the more nuanced wrinkles).

At £195 in the UK and $395 in Australia, my book is not, perhaps, silly cheap (there are discounts from those prices for the pre-orders until the end of this month), but neither is it as expensive as typical law texts.  I want my book to be readily available to those who need it, and so affordability is important. Particularly, since like Julian, I have opted for a hard-copy only publishing route, and so the option of finding an electric copy for free will not be available!

The pre-order pages are still open at:

Preorder a copy here if you are in the UK

Preorder a copy here if you are in Australia

Preorder a copy here if you are anywhere else in the world


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