Directory Enquiries

Legal directories vary. Some are little more than vanity publishing – lawyers pay for their entries, and these directories are not taken seriously by anyone. Others are much better – they do proper research, and refuse to accept inducements to put lawyers in or exaggerate their rankings.

In England, the Legal 500 and Chambers Directory both have a good name, and it is a pleasure to see that my old firm continues to score well in them.

Doyle2014In Australia, Doyle’s Guide is one of the better ones; this is what they have to say about me this year:

Robert Fenwick Elliott moved to the bar in July 2013 and appears to have made a considerable degree of impact in that short time.  Fenwick Elliott was previously ranked as a “Preeminent” individual in the area of construction when practising as a solicitor.

Fraud Unravels Some More – The Increasing Importance of Fraud in Security of Payment Cases

03021401My paper on the increasing importance of fraud in challenges to adjudicator’s decisions has just been published in the Australian Construction Law Newsletter. It looks not only at some recent case law, but also at how fraud – as widely defined for this purpose – is remarkably common in this context. The article in full is here; it begins thus:

The recent decision in Sugar Australia v Southern Ocean Pty Ltd [2013] VSC 535, a decision of Justice Vickery on 15 October 2013, sheds some vivid light on the potential importance of fraud in security of payment cases. This paper considers how the law stands in this area, how this case develops the detailed application of the relevant principles, and what the potential avenues are for parties seeking to challenge adjudicators’ determinations on this ground.

A starting point is not hard to find; Continue reading