How to Retain Robert Fenwick Elliott

As a member of the South Australian Bar Association, I have undertaken to accept instructions within Australia only from solicitors.  As an international member of Keating Chambers in London, there are certain circumstances in which direct access arrangements might be possible for international work.

For instructions from within Australia, you can contact me direct me to check my availability for any case.  For international cases, contact my clerks in London, who have access to my diary. See contact details.

Wills, Probate etc

I am a construction and energy law specialist, and have a great deal of experience in  these areas.  I do not do general work, and so do not accept instructions in other areas of law. So there is no point asking me to draft or prove a will, deal with your divorce or act the sale of your company.

Some cases may be borderline.  Call me or my clerks to discuss if a borderline case does or does not fall with my expertise.

Fenwick Elliott Grace, Fenwick Elliott LLP

Do instructions need to come via one of my old firms? No, as a member of the bar I am fully independent.  Indeed, in South Australia, I now act more often on the other side from Fenwick Elliott Grace than on the same side, and some clients chose to instruct other firms in order to better ensure that I am retained as counsel.

Dispute Review Boards, Mediations etc

Again, contact me directly as to my availability for cases within Australia, or my clerks in London for international cases.