ECR Review by Michael Christie SC

Michael Christie is rightly regarded as the leading construction silk in Australia these days, and so I was especially gratified to see his kind review of my book in Building and Construction Law:


Book Review


Extra-Contractual Recoveries for Construction & Engineering Work, by Robert Fenwick Elliott, London Publishing Partnership, 2022, xci + 1O77pp, 2 Volumes: ISBN: 978-1-913019-57-0. Hardcover.

Reviewed by Michael Christie SC

The learned author of this two volume book is an eminent construction lawyer. During his long and distinguished career in the United Kingdom and Australia, he has acquired a deep understanding of construction disputes. In this book, he shares his invaluable insights with readers.

The book is concerned with a topic of enormous practical importance: the recovery of money outside the strict limits of a construction contract.

Such recovery has long been recognised at common law and in equity. Indeed the first construction dispute determined by the High Court of Australia concerned a claim for extra-contractual recovery: Liebe v Molloy (1906) 4 CLR 347. Extra-Contractual Recoveries for Construction & Engineering Work is the first book to deal specifically with this important subject.

The theme of the book is encapsulated in Continue reading

DRBF Breakfast Briefing 7 November 2023

The Dispute Revew Board Foundation Region 3 has now announced the Breakfast Briefing that I will be delivering on 7 November:



Region 3’s monthly series of Breakfast Briefing for members continues. Register in advance for the 2023 series for one or more sessions:
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The next Breakfast Briefing/Zoom Webinar is as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 7 November 2023

Presenter: Robert Fenwick Elliott

Topic: “Reading between the Lines of the Contract – Extra-Contractual Routes to Recovery”

• Robert Fenwick Elliot is vastly experienced Senior Counsel specialising in construction / contractual issues.
• Robert will take listeners through a hypothetical example and see how extra-contractual issues can so easily arise.
• Robert will suggest that DAB practitioners need to be realistic in discussions with the parties about extra – contractual remedies.

DRBF has issued an email invitation to all financial members and once you have registered you