Round about

EarthFromSpaceI will away from my desk for three weeks, going to Doha, London, Brussels, London, New York, Houston and then back home.

This is a work trip, really, but also catching up with some old friends. So there is a real risk of lunches and dinners presenting a challenge on the waistline front.

I should get emails, pretty much, whilst I am away. In the meantime, if you need anything more, my Continue reading

SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol 2nd Edition – Getting ready for Brazil

BrazilThe Society of Construction Law in the UK has now released its consultation draft of the 2nd edition of the Delay and Disruption Protocol.

This is an important document, not only in the UK but internationally, including Australia. Thus, for example, the Supreme Court of South Australia in ALSTOM LTD v YOKOGAWA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD & ANOR (No 7) [2012] SASC 49 made repeated references to the Protocol, and rejected the analysis of one of the parties saying at [1277]

It is not a method referred to in the Protocol.

And at 1282: Continue reading