SA to join Queensland?

Australia SA and QIt looks like South Australia may shortly be joining Queensland in the abolition of the ANA system for appointing adjudicators.

A review was recently commissioned from Alan Moss, who is a former District and Youth Court judge, and this has now been published.The main recommendation of the Review is that the Minister should remove the authorisation of all of the existing ANAs, and instead appoint the relevant government officer, who is the Commissioner for Small Business, as the sole ANA. In this way, it is proposed to deal with the widely perceived institutional bias in the ANA system without the need for amending legislation.

This review is very welcome, the ANAs in South Australia having Continue reading

The Young

CareersThis is a bit scary. I have been asked to be part of a panel: we are supposed to talk about our careers in the construction industry.

Not being able to imagine that Young Constructors would have any interest at all in my career, I agreed on the basis that I would tell some war stories about stuff that I have seen. But do I tell stories about when I was young? That might sound like an old soldier talking about battles from a long-forgotten era. Or more recent stories? What relevance would the observations of an old soldier have to the young?

Or should I talk about Continue reading