I need a PA!

I am busy, but really quite a bit of my time is spent doing admin stuff. Which is dumb – it is time I could be spending doing other stuff, like earning money or finishing my book on Extra-Contractual Recoveries. I need a personal assistant.

So if you know anyone who might be prepared to spend a day or two a week at Myponga Beach, where I live and work, please let me know.

Things I need help with include (in no particular order) Continue reading


For the first time since I went to the bar, some 3 years ago, I have increased my hourly and hence daily rates.

Contact me or, for international matters, my clerks in London, for details.

A New Security Lock for South Australia

Schubert - Stephan Knoll

Stephan Knoll MP

Stephan Knoll’s Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Authorised Nominating Authorities) Amendment Bill got both its First and Second Readings in South Australian House of Assembly a few days ago. If passed, it will provide for South Australia to follow Queensland’s lead in abolishing the for-profit ANA system, instead providing that all appointments of adjudicators by made by the Commissioner for Small Business, as recommended last year by the Moss Review.

It is welcome that Stephan Knoll has paid attention to the Society of Construction Law Australia’s Report on the topic (in which I had a considerable had, as chairman of the Australian Legislative Reform Subcommittee). My colleagues at SoCLA (and I) put a lot of work into that Report, and it is gratifying to see politicians taking notice.

The present legislation could certainly do with some improvement; it is to be hoped that Continue reading