ALRS ReportFor the last year or so I have chaired the Australian Legislation Reform Subcommittee of the Society of Construction Law Australia. I has taken us quite a while to complete our report on adjudication of construction disputes, but we got there in the end.

This has gone out to SoCLA members:


The Society is very pleased to advise of the completion of a report by the Society’s Australian Legislation Reform Subcommittee.

The report is entitled ‘Report of Security of Payment and Adjudication in the Australian Construction Industry’.

The report is now available to members.  The report can be downloaded by following this link.

The report is only available to members.  The report will soon be available for purchase from the Society’s website.  Members are requested not to on forward the report.

The report will also shortly be released to relevant politicians and industry representatives.

The research behind the report and the preparation of the report has been a significant undertaking for the Australian Legislation Reform Subcommittee.  I thank all members of the subcommittee for the significant effort that has been invested in the report.


Phillip Greenham Chair
Chair Communications Committee
Society of Construction Law Australia


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