Bridging the Gap between Theory and Reality…

SOCLASept14… is a title which might fit all sorts of things. This time, it is for a Society of Construction Law Australia event in Sydney on 24th September.  I will be on a panel discussing

1.   Whether the recent amendments to the NSW Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act are likely to achieve the stated outcomes – to reduce insolvency in the building and construction industry in NSW;

and also

2.     The proposed amendments to the Queensland Act which proposes three key areas of reform – the appointment of adjudicators and the adjudication process, timeframes for claimants and respondents and the provision of additional information;
3.     Whether the amendments to the Queensland Act are more likely to have a positive effect on insolvency in the industry; and
4.     Given the ongoing fragmentation of security of payment legislation in Australia, whether there is a case for harmonisation.

Avid readers of this site will known that I will be suggesting that answers are probably:

1.    No

2.    The proposed amendments are beneficial

3.    No, but they have other merits

4.     Yes.

And I will also talk about how to get around the new NSW amendments, if you are a head contractor and do not fancy risking a jail term because of a supporting statement.

If you have an interest in Security of Payment and want to come along, see SOCLA Event Invitation

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