I have joined Keating Chambers

keating-logoI am delighted to be able to say that I have joined Keating Chambers in London as an international member of chambers as from 3rd November 2014.

Widely regarded as the leading set of construction and energy law chambers in the common law world, Keating Chambers operates around the world. Most but not all of its barristers are based in London; I will continue to be based in Australia, and will thus contribute to Keating Chambers’ growth internationally, and particularly in the Asia-Pacific region where Philip Boulding QC, Ian Pennicott QC and Professor Chin Leng Lim are already based

Keating Chambers has won the title of “Construction Set of the Year” at the annual Chambers and Partners Bar Awards for eight of the last nine years, and in part this is due to its strength in depth in international work. Of its 61 members (of who 27 are Queen’s Counsel), many are leaders at the Bar in international arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrators. The arbitrations in question typically involve large construction projects of the type I typically dealt with as a solicitor based in London.

Having made the move from the solicitor’s branch of the profession to the bar only recently, it is a particular pleasure for me to be now among old friends (a number of whom I have been working with since the 1970s) for this late stage of my legal career.  It is also a considerable privilege for me that Keating Chambers has invited me to join them.

For the local work that I do in Australia, it will be largely “business as usual”. For international work, I will operate in the same way as other barristers at Keating Chambers whose briefs come from all corners of the globe. In particular, I will be available for international arbitrations, adjudications and mediations, either as arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator or as advisor and/or advocate for a party. And especially as a panel member for Review Boards, I will hope that my long experience of resolving construction disputes around the world will be useful in this hugely important area.

See Keating Chambers’ press release


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