Britton wins in Britain

Philip-britton.webI see that my old friend Professor Philip Britton has yet again won the Hudson prize – this time jointly – being the annual prize of the Society of Construction Law in the UK. He has now won this prize several times, this one is called ‘Adjudication and the “residential occupier exception”: time for a rethink?’.

It is now a very long time since I first met Philip, making television programmes. In those days, it was quite common for solicitors in the UK to obtain their CPD points by watching videos on legal topics, and Philip ran a company which made these videos. Happily for me, he invited me to appear on a number of these, and it was all rather good fun. There is a novelty about going to a television studio, getting the make up done, meeting the presenters (who are quite well known television presenters in their own right) and then seeing the end result.

More recently, I interviewed Philip for the Society of Construction Law Australia podcast series, in order to see if he had any advice as to how to win these prizes. It turned out that he did. But no one seems to follow his advice better than he does himself!

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