The Young

CareersThis is a bit scary. I have been asked to be part of a panel: we are supposed to talk about our careers in the construction industry.

Not being able to imagine that Young Constructors would have any interest at all in my career, I agreed on the basis that I would tell some war stories about stuff that I have seen. But do I tell stories about when I was young? That might sound like an old soldier talking about battles from a long-forgotten era. Or more recent stories? What relevance would the observations of an old soldier have to the young?

Or should I talk about the way that the nature of conflict in the construction industry has changed, and will continue to change? Such that some skills will probably become more and more in demand, and others less and less?


One thought on “The Young

  1. I understand the event has now passed, however, from my perspective, many young professionals attend these events (and join such committees) so they can find themselves a mentor – someone whom they can use as a sounding board with respect to their career. Talking about the continuing change of conflict in the construction industry would have, from my perspective, been well received.

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