Congress on Board

kon gres 2015Just back from a brief break on Kangaroo Island.

Tomorrow Patrick O’Sullivan and I will be talking at LEADR/IAMA ‘Kon gres tomorrow at the Playford in Adelaide.

This is what the blurb has to say about it:

Patrick O’Sullivan QC & Robert Fenwick Elliott

1.30 in Adelaide 2

Internationally, dispute boards have for some time had a major role in avoiding and resolving disputes, particularly in the context of major projects. What impact of these boards have in Australia, and what is the future likely to hold for them?

The use of boards has been increasing in Australia at an exponential rate, particularly on the East Coast. This session explores the what, how, and why of dispute boards in their various forms (dispute review boards, dispute avoidance boards, dispute adjudication boards, standing boards, ad hoc boards etc) and in particular:

  • the current extent of boards around the world and in Australia
  • the role of the Dispute Review Board Foundation
  • how a board works – the two-stage process of dispute avoidance and formal decisions
  • success rates
  • how a board is provided for in a contract
  • how much a board costs
  • which projects are suitable for a board.

The presenters for this session will be Patrick O’Sullivan QC and Robert Fenwick Elliott; both of whom have experience of chairing dispute boards.

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