I need a PA!

I am busy, but really quite a bit of my time is spent doing admin stuff. Which is dumb – it is time I could be spending doing other stuff, like earning money or finishing my book on Extra-Contractual Recoveries. I need a personal assistant.

So if you know anyone who might be prepared to spend a day or two a week at Myponga Beach, where I live and work, please let me know.

Things I need help with include (in no particular order):

  • Booking flights and hotels for business trips
  • Proof reading opinions (typically dictated, at least in part, into Dragon)
  • When briefs come in by email, printing and sorting the documents into manageable order
  • Paying bills
  • Sending out fee notes
  • Checking from time to time to see if my fee notes have been paid
  • Organising my filing
  • Buying stationery etc when needed
  • Liaising with my clerks in London as to when fee notes are send out and when they are paid
  • Liaising with the geeks when the computers etc need fixing
  • Liaising with my accountants re BAS returns etc
  • Entering my expenses into my accounting system, and checking this against bank statements (bank reconciliation)
  • Paying herself and sorting out PAYG things (I assume a she. Could be a he. But women are generally rather better at multi-tasking stuff like this).

There could be worse jobs. There are good views of the hills and the sea. I am no trouble really.

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