Adjudication in Ireland

Irish harpI have remarked before that the Irish legislation for adjudication of construction disputes looks as good a model as any, but it took a while for the commencement to come through. But now, by S.I. No. 165/2016 – Construction Contracts Act 2013 (Appointed Day) Order 2016 we have a date:

The 25th day of July 2016 is appointed pursuant to section 12 (2) of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 (No. 34 of 2013) and that Act shall apply in relation to construction contracts entered into after that date.

I am obliged to Arran Dowling Hussey for keeping me up to date. The latest news is that Rules of the Superior Courts (Construction Contracts Act 2013) 2016 is the final piece of this jigsaw.

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