A Rare Petition

575238_222880941184528_1973088916_nI am not big into petitions. But the recent By-Law designed to stop dogs running freely on local beaches really does get my goat.

So, if you can be troubled, and if you agree that dogs (including Perdita, of course) should be allowed to run freely on the beach, I really would be grateful if you would add your name.

You can read more and sign the petition here:


2 thoughts on “A Rare Petition

  1. Councils are allowing less and less areas for people to exercise their dogs whilst restricting them to on leash as well. That is NOT how to exercise a dog. They need to run free and regularly return to their owner for reassurance.
    Keep the beaches in quiet places as areas for dogs to be off leash.

  2. Perdita – I want her to roam free like the wind she produces
    G’day Robert
    Ros sent me this…and she is going to sign your petition
    Humans in power (not all) but some – generally, think that they can restrict general living for others
    and they do that by interfering in matters that they themselves don’t indulge in
    Maybe they would like dogs to be not seen at all?

    I hope your petition goes well for you, Perdita and everyone and every dog in Fleurieu



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