South Australian Power

PlayfordA lot of people are rather rude about South Australia’s recent record in terms of providing electricity since they decided to “go green” and demolish the State’s main power station, hot on the heels of the very expensive automation of it that is famous in construction law cirles as the subject matter of the Alstom v Yokogawa litigation.

Tomorrow marks the second aniversary since the last time there was a power outage here. Two whole weeks!  To celebrate, there will be a scheduled outage here tomorrow (21st June) from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm. I will fire up my petrol generator, but communications might be suspect.

Meanwhile, the telephone land line has been down in this area since yesterday lunchtime.  Telstra say that they might fix that this week sometime. I have arranged for calls to be diverted to my mobile.

My builder Rolo’s joke:

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CHILD: Mummy, how did people see in the dark before they invented candles?
SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MOTHER: We had electricity, darling.

To fair, I have seen no evidence that these local power outages have anything to do with the State’s present reliance on windmills. Wind conditions this week are fairly normal, so the usual reasons for the windmills not producing power are not obvious.


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