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I have long thought that the Australian Construction Law Newsletter is rather a good publication.[1] and I am even more favourably disposed to it since they have just published a favourable review of my book Extra-Contractual Recoveries[2] by Phillip Greenham, until a few years ago the senior construction, engineering and infrastructure partner at Minter Ellison, Melbourne, and now arbitrator.

The review says that I have “vast knowledge and interests” and that the book is “informative, authoritative and comprehensive”. That is very flattering, of course, especially coming from someone with such formidable seniority and experience. More practically, it says

Any advisor looking to assist a contractor who has its back against the wall because of provisions in a contract will be greatly assisted by the book.

And that is certainly what I was aiming for. The text of the review[3] is on the review page.



[1] Its website says that:

The Australian Construction Law Newsletter (ACLN) includes articles, case notes, book reviews and up-to-date analyses on important developments in construction law.

The ACLN engages in all matters relating to building and construction law, with emphasis on construction claims, disputes and contracts, and international arbitration.

We source the most relevant and interesting material affecting the construction industry that is not necessarily available to all members of the building and construction community.

That is pretty accurate.

[2] In their July/August 2022 issue

[3] And of also favourable review in the Irish Law Times by Paul Hughes.

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