Worker’s Liens Regulations 2014

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This is a part of The Worker’s Liens Casebook, by Robert Fenwick Elliott. Copyright © 2010

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under the Worker’s Liens Act 1893

1—Short title

These regulations may be cited as the Worker’s Liens Regulations 2014.


These regulations come into operation on the day on which they are made.


In these regulations—

Act means the Worker’s Liens Act 1893.


The fees payable to the Registrar‑General under the Act are set out in Schedule 1.


The form of a notice to be registered in the General Registry Office by a person claiming a lien under section 10(3) of the Act is set out in Schedule 2.


Schedule 1—Fees


1 For lodging a notice of lien (section 10(3)) $152
2 For entering a memorandum of cessation of lien (section 16) $152
3 If a notice of lien or an application to enter a memorandum of cessation of lien is withdrawn before the appropriate memorandum is entered, the fee payable is reduced to $58
Note—A fee is payable for entering a memorandum of withdrawal of lien under the Real Property Act 1886.


Schedule 2—Form

Form 1—Notice of lien (section 10(3))

Description of property over which lien is claimed: (Certificate(s) of title affected)

Details of lienor—person lodging lien: (Full name, address and occupation)

Details of lienee—registered proprietor: (Full name and address)

Details of claim:

The lienor claims a lien on the estate or interest of the lienee in the land described above—

    (1)     The amount claimed by the lienor (state the amount in words and figures).

    (2)     The reason for the claim (state the reason—eg wages, contract price etc) due in connection with work done on or in connection with the land with the assent of the lienee.

    (3)     An action will be brought in the (full name of Court) to enforce the lien.


Signature of lienor:

Signature of witness:

Signed in my presence by the lienor who is either personally known to me or has satisfied me as to his or her identity.

Details of witness: (Full name, address and business hours telephone number)


It is an offence to improperly witness a signature.


Schedule 3—Revocation of Worker’s Liens Regulations 1999

The Worker’s Liens Regulations 1999 are revoked.

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