A planning reader?

GeorgeAs a construction lawyer with a particular interest in retrospective delay analysis, I sometimes want to read Primavera or Microsoft Project files. Just occasionally, it would be useful to also write to these files where, for example, I am making suggestions to clients as to how a particular delay analysis should be done. But usually, I just want to read the files to check to see, for example, whether there are any constraints in an analysis which would show that it has been prepared using the “gross method” or some other illegitimate technique. In the past, I used to have access to Microsoft Project, and before that Open Plan, but having gone to the bar, I now have access to neither of these.

I have Project Libre, which is open source, and this will read Microsoft Project files but not, as I understand it, Primavera. I can use that for creating illustrations.

Oracle, who market Primavera, used to have a “cut down” version called Suretrack, which apparently used to read Primavera files, but this is now been discontinued. The full Primavera costs some $3k, which seems a rather large hammer to crack a rather small nut.

Any thoughts as to a “reader” which will allow me to read both Primavera and Project files?

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  1. Someone suggested this:
    Free Asta Project Viewer: http://www.astadev.com/free-project-viewer/
    – Can view, navigate, and print project plans
    – Compatible with Project and Primavera EXR (compatible with P3e versions 4.1, P5 and P6) and P3 batch
    – Free
    But, unless I am missing something, it is completely useless for the purpose, because if you take the time to download this product, and try to open a Microsoft Project file, it tells you that you need to have Mucrosoft Project installed in order to proceed. Well, if one had Microsoft Project installed, one would not need the Asta Project Viewer, because one could view the stuff perfectly well using Microsoft Project!
    So no free lunch there.

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