Back home

debateJust back from the Society of Construction Law’s 2015 Conference in Melbourne. Brilliant.

There were some excellent papers. Everyone will have learned some really useful stuff; I certainly did.  But we also had some good fun.

Yesterday evening, I participated in the dinner debate at the Fox Car Museum. Who is more useful, lawyers or experts? Never have I been involved in such a rigged Continue reading

A planning reader?

GeorgeAs a construction lawyer with a particular interest in retrospective delay analysis, I sometimes want to read Primavera or Microsoft Project files. Just occasionally, it would be useful to also write to these files where, for example, I am making suggestions to clients as to how a particular delay analysis should be done. But usually, I just want to read the files to check to see, for example, whether there are any constraints in an analysis which would show that it has been prepared using the “gross method” or some other illegitimate technique. In the past, I used to have access to Microsoft Project, and before that Open Plan, but having gone to the bar, I now have access to neither of these.

I have Project Libre, which is open source, and this will Continue reading