SoCLA End of Year Event

soclaeoy2016SoCLA’s end of year event in Adelaide will be held on 20 December at Minter Ellison’s offices.

I have been asked to say a few words. That might be a bit of tough gig?  I suspect that most people there will getting into the party spirit for Christmas.

Those who know me will not be expecting anything too lengthy.  Besides, it has been a busy year for me: I might well be warming up for Continue reading

A New Security Lock for South Australia

Schubert - Stephan Knoll

Stephan Knoll MP

Stephan Knoll’s Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Authorised Nominating Authorities) Amendment Bill got both its First and Second Readings in South Australian House of Assembly a few days ago. If passed, it will provide for South Australia to follow Queensland’s lead in abolishing the for-profit ANA system, instead providing that all appointments of adjudicators by made by the Commissioner for Small Business, as recommended last year by the Moss Review.

It is welcome that Stephan Knoll has paid attention to the Society of Construction Law Australia’s Report on the topic (in which I had a considerable had, as chairman of the Australian Legislative Reform Subcommittee). My colleagues at SoCLA (and I) put a lot of work into that Report, and it is gratifying to see politicians taking notice.

The present legislation could certainly do with some improvement; it is to be hoped that Continue reading

Preparing and Answering Payment Claims

LSSA2015I will be giving a talk in Adelaide for the Law Society of South Australia on Wednesday – 4 November 2015 – on the topic of Preparing and Answering Payment Claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (SA).

This is not intended to be cutting-edge stuff, but rather a general introduction for general practitioners who may not be familiar with this tricky legislation. It has recently become all the more difficult for newcomers to Continue reading

Back home

debateJust back from the Society of Construction Law’s 2015 Conference in Melbourne. Brilliant.

There were some excellent papers. Everyone will have learned some really useful stuff; I certainly did.  But we also had some good fun.

Yesterday evening, I participated in the dinner debate at the Fox Car Museum. Who is more useful, lawyers or experts? Never have I been involved in such a rigged Continue reading


David-MoseyBIM continues to be of great importance, and SoCLA is doing a great job of explaining what it is all about.

David Mosey will be in Adelaide to give a talk on from 6pm to 7.30pm on 11 November 2015. The topic summary is thus:

Building Information Modelling, Procurement and Contracts – does BIM require or benefit from new contract provisions and new procurement models?

A briefing by Professor David Mosey on current research, led by King’s College London and sponsored by the Society of Construction Law , as to how construction contracts and team selection processes can help make BIM work.

David is Director of the King’s Centre of Construction Law. He is also lead mentor for the UK Government trialling new procurement models that support the mandate for BIM to be used on all public sector projects by 2016. Continue reading